Porous Wood Wool Absorber

Kategorie: Acoustics

While I was thinking about simple ecological absorbers, I walked past a carpentry shop that had a pallet of loose wood wool in its yard. As I walked by, I thought: This could make a good porous absorber. After some research, I couldn’t find anything on the internet and contacted STEICO by e-mail. The good news: STEICO flex has an absorption value of α_w = 0.8 (absorption class B) at a thickness of 40 mm. At 120 mm even α_w = 1.0 (absorption class A).

We then decided to use 100 mm thick material for the project. We then built several frames from different types of wood. The example photo shows the variant with birch multiplex. The absorbers were rounded off with a fabric covering.

Picture of a sound absorber made of wood wool, decorated with plants.

Porous Wood Wool Absorber posted by Michael Funk @ 8. September 2020